Meaning Of The Cheese Stands Alone

Can you tell me where i can find the origin and meaning of the phrase "and the cheese stands alone," which comes from the nursery rhyme, the farmer in the (

In the end the cheese stands alone. the nursery rhyme is a relationship to production song meaning for midnight promises by the marshall tucker band? (
Song meanings question: what is the meaning of the song the farmer in the dell? etc, until finally a rat takes a cheese, and the cheese "stands alone". (

Big cheese - the meaning and origin of this phrase. hi-ho, the derry-o, the rat takes the cheese. the cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone, (

The cheese stands alone. posted by j.c. on august 31, 2001. anyone know the origin and meaning of this expression, the cheese stands alone? thanks . (

What does "the cheese stands alone" mean? english only. .the cheese stands alone. the song is done and the cheese doesn't pick (

The cheese stands alone is the name of a card in the unglued set of wizards of the coast's magic: the gathering trading card game. (

-the cheese says wtf gus? if i boycott your movies i've got to find a new holiday flick. word and the meaning have long since parted company (like alt country? .. the cheese stands alone: but you don't have to. autism moms unite . (

  • 'the cheese stands alone' is one of your favorites. . the meaning is of coarse not important to the track, but since you entered a link (
  • Apr 22, 2004 you asked, they answered ("they" meaning me and the little voices in my head). drc asks: 1. if you could be alone in a room with one person (
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